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What Can a Columbus Divorce Lawyer Do for You?

Undergoing a divorce is quite complicated and distressing procedure. One has to go through a lot of emotional turmoil and so it is always advisable to seek someone that you can really depend on.

A divorce lawyer that is well experienced with different types of divorce cases both in and out of the court and the one that understands the impact of divorce will make the case so much better for you. You can look for a lawyer by a reference of a friend or a relative or do your own research about some divorce attorneys on the web.

Once you find a lawyer with a good reputation be prepared for a good long initial meeting and get ready to provide him with all the details and answer all the requisite questions. Tell the attorney about the expectations and about the judgment of the case. Inform your lawyer about every sensitive detail that you might want to be handled respectfully or even firmly.

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Why Does Dating During the Divorce Process Negatively Affect Your Case?

When you are wanting to legally end your marriage, the relationship between you and your spouse may have been over for some time. It’s natural that once you file for divorce you may be ready for everything the future holds, including dating. You might want to start putting your feet into the dating pool as the divorce process continues. However, this could work against your case in many ways, not to mention have a poor effect on any relationship. Why?

1-Dating Could Make Your Spouse Angry

If you already have a difficult relationship with your soon-to-be ex, it could turn catastrophic with the knowledge that you’re dating someone else. Their anger over this issue could make them less likely to be reasonable with you and do what you’d like. They could start to question your motives and ask pointed questions about whether your new dating partners have been in your life a long time. Even if you have not cheated or dated before now, your spouse could begin to direct their lawyer to add adultery to the divorce and seek extra money or concessions from you.

2-The Judge May Re-Evaluate Custody

The judge on the case is likely to evaluate your divorce case in a different light if they know that you’re dating, particularly if you have children. The court will want to know whether you will be able to parent adequately with a dating lifestyle. They make be even more critical of your overall lifestyle and if you’re hoping to take the kids home with you even part of the time, they may ask whether your dating partners will be around the children. Your spouse, of course, could use this to affect your custody arrangement.

3-You Could Be Distracted

Your own attention to the divorce could be affected by any new relationships you’re forming. Once it’s out in the open, you may feel guilty or upset that the divorce proceedings now seem to focus on your dating life than other issues. You might focus on your time on your new paramours and not be able to think clearly about decisions you’re making. You may even offer concessions freely just to get things over with and be free to pursue a new relationship. You may regret those choices when the relationship turns sour.

4-You May Be Unready

Dating just because you feel like it’s the natural thing to do could also have ramifications for your post-divorce life. For one thing, if you haven’t yet unpacked what about the marriage wasn’t working and your part in its demise, that’s a problem. You might still be capable of unhealthy behaviors and reactions because of your past relationship. New relationships could fail because you are still doing the things that contributed to the end of your relationship with your spouse. To be the best partner for someone new, you may want to first consider therapy or counseling.

Don’t let dating make your divorce and post-divorce life even more stressful. Consider waiting until the divorce is finalized and you’ve had some time before you begin going on dates again. To know more visit the website at