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10 Things You Should Not Do When You Divorce

The 10 Things You Should Not Do When You Divorce

The 10 Things You Should Not Do When You Divorce

When you get divorced, there are certain things that you need to do. However, there are also certain things that you should avoid doing. It is important that you know what you should not be doing and why this is important. have brought some important practical tips, which you must consider while in a process of getting divorce.

1. Do Not Hide Money

During your divorce, you should never try to hide money or other assets. The consequences of this will vary depending on the state and could include being held in contempt of court. Certain states will also have an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order go into effect when you file for divorce. The act of hiding money will also paint you in a bad light for the arbitrator or judge.

2. Do Not Add Money To A Joint Account

If you have a joint account with your spouse, you should not add to it. The joint account is a communal pot which will be split in half when you live in a community of property state. Once you separate from your spouse, you need to open your own account and place your money there. The money that you place into this account will need to be detailed during the divorce and may still be subject to splitting, but it is better to do this than add to the joint account.

3. Do Not Do Things Out Of Spite

Divorce can be emotional, but this does not mean that you should do things out of spite. Setting your partners clothing on fire may seem like a good idea, but it will not be. When you do things out of spite, you will color the opinion of the judge and this could affect the settlement that you get. You should also avoid posting disparaging comments on social media.

4. Do Not Compare Your Divorce

Your divorce is not going to be the same as your friend and you should not compare them. Every divorce case is different before they all have different assets and different state laws could apply. When you compare your divorce, you could set unrealistic expectations and this will cause problems in the long-run.

5. Do Not Serve Your Spouse In Public

Serving the divorce papers to your spouse in public might seem like excellent revenge, it can backfire on you. Doing this could make your spouse less likely to negotiate with you and will draw out the divorce process. It is better to do this in a private setting than to do it somewhere public.

6. Do Not Fight Over Thing You Do Not Care About

When you fight over things that you do not care about, you are making the divorce harder than it needs to be. It is better to keep your eye on the bigger items that you actually care about. Does it really matter if you lose the DVD collection if you get to keep the house that belonged to your grandmother?

7. Do Not Make Children Pawns

Your divorce can be hard on your children without you trying to use them as pawns to get what you want. You should never use custody and visitation rights as a tool for your divorce. When you do this, you will be increasing the emotional burden on your children and you could have your plan backfire as the courts do not look kindly on this.

8. Do Not Wait For Your Day In Court

Taking your divorce to court will be costly and will take a lot of time. You will generally be better off settling the divorce out of court when you can. When you go to court, you will also be subject to the ruling of the judge and this might not be in your favor.

9. Do Not Rule Out Mediation

Mediation is a great way to work through your divorce without having to go to court. You should never rule meditation out, particularly if you have problems agreeing on certain aspects of your divorce agreement. Mediators will help you talk to your partner and work through the tough issues that you have. This will generally create a divorce settlement that works for both parties and will keep you from going to court.

10. Do Not Lie To Your Lawyer

Your divorce lawyer is there to help you and you should be honest with them. Your lawyer will not be able to provide you with the representation that you need if you do not tell them everything. This does not mean that you should be talking to them about how you feel about the divorce because this is outside of their job description. However, you should never leave anything out when you talk about the details about why you want a divorce, your finances and any developments in the proceedings.

There are a lot of things that you should not be doing when you get a divorce. These things will include hiding money, lying to your lawyer and taking the divorce out of your children.

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