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Tips For Marketing And Advertising Your Law Firm For A Successful Practice
It is one thing to be a lawyer, but you need clients in order to have a successful practice. If you have one or more partners in the firm with you, then you can collaborate with them and split the advertising costs. If you are on your own, well it's all up to you. What are some of the best marketing techniques for advertising your law practice? Best Marketing Techniques for Advertising Law Practice First of all, experts recommend that you make sure your online presence is professional and under control. There is quite a lot to that of course, [...]
Finding a Lawyer
Whether you are going to file a divorce petition, draft a will, or buy or sell real estate, it is mandatory to select the best possible lawyer for you. Here, we have brought some of the practical tips for you which will help you finding the potential legal representative for your case. Look for the Honest Lawyer One of the most important traits you should look for in your attorney is their honesty. Check with different lawyers to find this trait in them. Many attorneys proffer free initial consultation and you must take advantage from it. Well, getting a thorough [...]
The Basics of Divorce
In Ohio, the dissolution or divorce involves both parties agreement upon each term regarding spousal support, a division of debt and property, child custody, parental responsibilities and rights of visitation, if applicable. Hiring a divorce attorney can help make everything a lot easier. With Dissolution, no Defendant or Plaintiff is there and it is not the Divorce. In addition, the court is not bound to make decisions that it usually makes in the contested divorce. Generally, it proceeds faster than the divorce action. Divorce Divorce means termination of the marriage as per the court judgment. Divorce is granted upon findings [...]
Placement Requirement
In Ohio, the Plaintiff (person filing for divorce) must have at least lived for six months in Ohio before filing for divorce. On the other hand, before filing for dissolution petition, one of the partners must have resided for six months at least in the state. Divorce Filing The Plaintiff can file the petition for divorce in the court. In case, the residency or placement of the Defendant spouse is not known, she/he is not the occupant of Ohio State, or is the resident, however, is not present in Ohio, the Plaintiff must give divorce notice via publication, as given [...]
How to Get a Divorce – Tips for Filing for Divorce
Divorce is the annulment of the marriage between two spouses by the court or some competent body. To legally end your marriage you need to follow certain rules and steps and make certain important decisions as you go through this process. There are many issues which arise as one is going through this painful process of getting a divorce including serious matters like the division of assets, debts, and custody of children. The most important thing when deciding to file a divorce is where you have to file it. By law, if you want to file a divorce in any [...]
What to think about to Ensure Surviving Divorce
Divorce is a highly emotional and painful thing. It is very rare for it to be agreeable as hoped for and is truly never sweet. One has to experience multiple losses at the same time including the pain of ending a relationship, losing intimacy, comfort, security and finances to name a few. It is all about separating your emotions from the logic and making sure that you think about all the important past, present and future aspects of it. Even though, there is nothing stress-free and peaceful about going through a divorce, there are still some ways which can help [...]
Legal Issues of Divorce: The Divorce Law
It is important for anyone to be aware of the basic laws surrounding divorce cases. One should have an insight on what are the rights and fundamentals of the divorce law so if such unfortunate event may occur on yourself or on someone you know what the law permits you to do. There is much about the divorce law and the issues that surround them that even the lawyers themselves find irrelative at times. You don’t need to know about every Act passed by the state but there are some basic issues you might want to be familiar with. A [...]
The Financial Facts behind Divorce
Divorce is becoming more common and it may seem contrary to common expectation but the fact is that it is also getting more complicated too. This can be predicted quite easily because divorce has become so common that about half of first marriages and sixty percent of second marriages end in divorce. This is because the things related to divorce, its law, process, and outcome have become predictable and standardized. Among all the issues that are predicted to arise and one must take into account are the financial aspects. It has been seen that finances become the most complicated issue [...]
Divorcing an Unwilling Spouse
Divorce is a painful thing and it never comes with cherries on top. As complex as the issues that arise due to divorce may be, divorce itself is no easy. One of the major complexities of divorce itself is divorcing an unwilling spouse. This kind of divorce where one spouse is not willing to get the divorce while the other does dissolution of marriage is known as a Contested Divorce. Contested divorces are very time consuming and expensive. Unlike a divorce in which both spouses agree to it, a contested divorce requires you to face trial in front of a [...]
Filing a Case against a Family Member
There is no family who never faces an argument or a fight. Even the happiest households sometimes have a conflict and the family member might argue and fight with one another but things usually get resolved slowly. But sometimes these fights or conflicts may be so severe that you might have to seek for legal action to resolve the matter. If a family gets into a dispute which is severe and complex and cannot be resolved on their own then they reach a point where legal help is required by them to sort the dispute. There could be various reasons [...]