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Achieving a Better Divorce
Getting a divorce is a huge and very complicated decision to take. The next big decision is to decide what type of divorce you are opting for. Bad divorces are quite common and quickly become very toxic and accusatorial. It can result in a series of battles that cost on many levels and leave some very long lasting scars for life. An essential thing to understand is that no matter what has happened there are still choices you need to take regarding your divorce proceedings and a chance to get a better divorce without scars and comparatively less cost. Let [...]
Reasons for Increasing Divorce Rates All Over the World
There are a lot of people today getting divorced. In fact, according to studies, every 36 seconds in the US, there’s one couple that is getting divorced. If you will look at marriages, the average length of marriage is only at 10 years old. That means after a decade, a lot of people have already called it quits. This only means that you have every reason to celebrate your anniversary, since not a lot of people can last long in their marriage. What can be the reasons why people end up losing their interest to prolong the marriage? Here are [...]
Think Twice Before You File for Divorce
There are many reasons why people end up getting a divorce. Today, there are only two remaining countries with no divorce in their laws. Given the fact that it is easy to get a divorce, it is important that you still find ways on how you can stay together and work minor differences and issues with each other. Do you really have to think twice before you file for divorce? Here are some reasons why you should think twice or even thrice before you decide to call it quits with your spouse. People will always be different from each other [...]
Pros and Cons of Divorce
Are you already thinking of ending your marriage? It is a good idea that you don’t decide so quickly. It is in your best interest to work things out in most occasions. Learn to know the pros and cons of having a divorce. What should you expect from it? Keep in mind that the longer the marriage, the more difficult it could get especially if you haven’t solved problems together. But of course, there are instances when it is better to end a marriage. Here are some pros and cons that you want to know. Pros End domestic abuse A [...]
Child Custody After a Divorce
With thousands of couples calling it quits, the average length of a marriage is only at 10 years. It is alarming especially for those couples who are thinking of getting married too soon. A lot of couples think that they are the only ones involved in the divorce. In reality, children will also have to adjust in this particular scenario. It can be quite a tricky process for children especially if they are quite young when the divorce happened. Divorce is a thing that is quite hard to deal with especially for the children. Unfortunately, it is becoming common all [...]
Children From Divorced Parents: Impact of Divorce
Divorce is becoming normal these days. A lot of couples decide to call it quits after a few years of beign together. One of the things that make divorce difficult is for the children. A lot of times, children are the most affected in this particular scenario. They’d typically end up switching weekends between parents, or worse, parents end up battling over the custody of children. This can be a long and painful scenario considering the number of children who lived with divorced parents worldwide. What exactly are the things that you can expect from this particular scenario? Age does [...]
Surviving Your Divorce
A lot of times, divorce becomes a stressful scenario. Both parties end up fighting and not talking to each other again. Making sure that everything works well may not be far from reality. You can survive your divorce if you approach it with these simple tips. Be civil with each other It is important that both parties respect each other in order to have a good experience after the divorce. It is a good idea that you talk to each other with respect and make sure that you don’t skip your own responsibilities even after the divorce. This is especially [...]
Common Grounds that Lead to Divorce
A lot of people end up losing their marriage. Divorce is a common thing these days. In fact, there’s around 1 divorce for every 36 seconds in the US, many with the assistance of divorce attorneys. There are many couples that don’t reach 10 years in their marriage. According to studies, the average length of marriage in the US is at 8 years old. This is the reason why a lot of kids grow up in complex households. What are the common grounds that lead to divorce? Infidelity One of the most common reasons why people get a divorce is [...]
How Does Divorce Mediation Work?
A lot of times, divorce can lead to a bad ending. This can end not only a marriage, but also a friendship between two people. However, one of the things that can help on the healing process is the divorce mediation process. Divorce mediation involves lawyers, and this helps clarify issues that are involved in the divorce. What are the things that you need to know about divorce mediation? First, it is important to realize that lawyers can never decide for any of you. You will still have to decide for yourself. What are the advantages of divorce mediation? There [...]
What is Uncontested Divorce
The uncontested divorce is the divorce which occurs when there is no agreement between both the parties over any divorce related and financial issues including spousal support or division of property and child support and custody. In addition, one of the spouses either concurs the divorce action or does not appear in it. There are four common issues which the divorcing parties have to confront: Marital property division Debt division Custody of children Spousal support and/or payment of children In actual, no divorce can be said strictly “uncontested” as there are no disputes and disagreements. In addition, such disputes don’t [...]