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Understanding the Divorce Process
The dissolution or divorce of the marriage initiates when one partner notices the other partner's intent to seek the divorce.  The formal procedure to get your spouse notified of a looming divorce is by supplying the other spouse with Petition and Summons for the marriage dissolution. The petition is the document which describes the kinds of arrangements the party is going to seek from divorce. Child custody, property division, alimony, and support are all problems which are described in the divorce petition. The summons associated with the petition is simply a document which tells the responding partner that he or [...]
Why Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?
If you are seeking a divorce, you may come across the idea of filing it on your own using the documents that are provided by the court or by searching the procedure online or at times by taking recommendations from friends and family. Let the fact be stated; it’s a bad idea. While a do-it-yourself may be acceptable in a few rare cases, most people are advised to hire a lawyer to serve this purpose of representing their interest in the court. This statement is well supported by some solid reasons which are stated below. Expert Advice An experienced and [...]
Should You Opt For Annulment Instead Of Pursuing Divorce?
There are two ways to end a marriage: Divorce and annulment. Divorce is something which acknowledges your marriage and frees you from its limitations by declaring both the parties to be single and grants them the right to remarry. Annulment, on the other hand, is something which states that the marriage between the two parties involved, never really existed and was void and null. Both these ways to end a marriage have certain requirements that must be fulfilled for their smooth execution. If the marriage was legal then it is always better to go for a divorce if you have [...]