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How Do You File For Divorce In Ohio?

If you are in Ohio, and you want to file for divorce, there is a certain procedure that you need to follow. It’s a little bit different than filing for a separation, primarily because this is going to be final. Paperwork must be submitted that is filled out. However, filing for divorce doesn’t necessarily mean it simply going to go through. That’s why there are so many family law attorneys that are capable of helping people that are in the mix of the divorce that may go on for several months. Here is a quick overview of how a divorce is filed in Ohio if you would like to pursue this if you are not getting along with your spouse.

What Paperwork Do You Need To File?

The paperwork that you need to file is called a dissolution petition. This is the paperwork that must go directly to the courthouse. In order to get this, you need to visit the courthouse. You can talk to the County Clerk in order to get this from them. It’s a very simple form. It will only take a few minutes to fill out. Once you are done, you will then submit that with the fee. It may take you days for it to fully process through the system.

Does That Mean That Divorces Final?

If any divorces that simple, people would never need to use a lawyer. Individuals that contact family law attorneys are always in the midst of some type of struggle. There has to be several agreements made between the parties. Both of them have to agree. And if they don’t, this could end up in court for quite some time. They might be fighting over the assets that they jointly own. This could be checking account, bank accounts, and also the custody of their children. It’s really hard to tell what it is that is going to hold up a divorce, but it almost always comes down to the division of assets.

Where Can You Find A Family Law Attorney To Help You?

A family law attorney is the only type of lawyer that will be able to help you successfully. Although there are many attorneys that you offer legal services, they are not going to be well versed there are children involved be able to help you resolve all of these issues.

It may take some time for you to get through all of the problems that you are having with your spouse. Once you have agreed upon the division of assets, child visitation rights, and every other aspect of the divorce, the papers will be completely filed. It should be that simple, but as with any divorce, there are always going to be people that are not happy. If you need to get this paperwork, you now need to go down to the courthouse to pick it up and start the process of filing your divorce papers to complete this process. Get to know more at