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How to Get a Divorce – Tips for Filing for Divorce

Divorce is the annulment of the marriage between two spouses by the court or some competent body. To legally end your marriage you need to follow certain rules and steps and make certain important decisions as you go through this process. There are many issues which arise as one is going through this painful process of getting a divorce including serious matters like the division of assets, debts, and custody of children.

The most important thing when deciding to file a divorce is where you have to file it. By law, if you want to file a divorce in any state of America it is the obligation that you and your spouse must be the resident of that state for at least 6 months.

The next thing is decided whether to go to the court straight away. It is however advised by the experts that you should take this option as a last choice because it is quite a time-consuming and expensive endeavour. You should first consider other options including intervention or negotiation to reach an agreement with your spouse or a mediation where a third party assists you to arrive at a mutually agreed solution to your issues. It has been seen that, in most cases, the issues are resolved using these option before opting for going to the court.

One of the most expensive things while filing a divorce is to hire an attorney or a lawyer. If you want to get a divorce without having to pay for a lawyer then there are ample resources available online for you from where you can get forms and information. Although, many documentation and details are involved in the process of getting a divorce and as this is a painful process for you emotionally and there are chances that you might forget or miss some important details, it is always good to get help from a professional.

In the state of Ohio, it is not required by both of the spouses to agree to a divorce.  In the case, if you both don’t agree to a divorce, the one spouse who is divorcing must have some grounds or reasons for divorce. Ohio recognizes 10 reasons for the dissolution of marriage which include incompatibility, out-of-state divorce, bigamy, imprisonment in state or federal prison, adultery, habitual drunkenness, fraudulent contract, extreme cruelty, grossly negligence of duties and living separately for at least 1 year period. This type of divorces, however, are more complicated than the ones where both spouses agree to a divorce because you can get it filed immediately.

To get a divorce there is a procedure which is followed which starts when the complaint is filed and the defendant responds to this complaint. Written disclosure of the personal and financial details are exchanged and things like custody of assets, children and a parenting plan are decided. A judge calls for a hearing and hears evidence and weigh up to make a decision which is called a decree and is rendered. This is how a divorce is officially completed and the annulment of the marriage is made official.

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